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Browser Notifications!

We're excited to offer this! Get notified from your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser on desktop and mobile phone! Just opt-in to the notice to receive notifications, and when a chaser goes live, you'll receive a notification like this one below. You will only receive 1 notification per chaser, per day. You can unsubscribe from your browser options at any time.

If you've dismissed the notification opt-in box or unsubscribed and want to opt-in again to receive notifications, click here to subscribe to notifications!

Web push notification opt-in

Desktop notification

Mobile phone notification (iPhone coming later 2017)

Twitter Notifications

Browser and Email notifications not your thing? No problem! Follow us on Twitter @TorChannelTV and enable mobile notifications. We'll tweet when chasers start streaming, and you'll get a mobile push notification from Twitter to let you know they're online!

Email Alerts

Get notified by email when chasers get online! After verifying your email, you'll get 1 email a day when the first chaser of the day goes live. It's that simple!