Thank you so much for your interest in donating! is not run by a big company, it's created and maintained by one person. I had an idea and sought out to accomplish that goal. The goal is to bring together storm chasers who stream to YouTube, in one spot where viewers can watch all chasers, find new chasers, and chat with them from one place.

Doing this costs money for hosting and development. I had to ask myself, do I want to clutter the site with ads - or ask for donations? It was a tough decision because ads could offer that - but at what price? Cluttering up the website? No thanks! That's why I'm asking for donations. Your donation will help towards's hosting costs as well as developing new features! I'm thankful for any amount you are able to donate!

Donations are preferred through Patreon. You can use PayPal with Patreon, and other payment methods for your donation. International donations are accepted! Please click the Patreon image for more information

PayPal is also an option if you prefer!

-Pat O'Brien