About TornadoChannel

Tornado Channel is a conglomeration of storm chasers who live stream severe storms on the internet. We aren't a streaming provider, and we aren't a video broker, but instead a stream agnostic platform for a centralized location for viewers. In the past, people looking on the internet for live storm chasing streams would have to bookmark individual YouTube channels, or personal websites of chasers. Now they can find them all on Tornado Channel!

If you're a storm chaser, please sign up to be on our map! Even if you're already working with a video broker, you can keep your deal with them, and make your stream easily found by all on our website. We offer your viewers a more immerse experience with our chat system and extra weather data! There is a verification process to confirm chasers have passed the Spotter Network training and have past experience chasing and live streaming.

Viewers can sign up for notifications to get an email alert once a day whenever a stream goes live. Individual chat windows can be used to interact with chasers and other viewers, including a general chat.

All storm chasers chase storms at their own risk. TornadoChannel.com is not accountable for individual actions and decision making. Video content is provided by the storm chaser's streaming channel. TornadoChannel.com does not take responsibility for the content provided from the streaming platform embedded videos. Never base any important decisions from the data on this website.

No live stream may be re-broadcast or licensed through TornadoChannel.com. Please see the copyright/licensing information at the bottom of each live stream.

TornadoChannel.com is not run by a big company, it's created and maintained by one person - Pat - with a lot of input from Mike Olbinski. TornadoChannel.com launched in late March, 2017. If you enjoy the site, please consider a donation which directly helps towards hosting and development fees!

We're social! You can find us on Twitter @TorChannelTV and on Facebook.

Happy and safe storm chasing!

Weather data provided by:

  • Radar data from Iowa State University Mesonet. Live weather refreshes automatically every 5 minutes.
  • WWA (Watches Warnings Advisory) data, Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Day 1 Convective Outlook, SPC Mesoscale Discussion and SPC Active Watches provided by NOAA weather.gov and NOAA SPC