Opt-In for Web Push Notifications!

TornadoChannel.com web push notification Since day 1 we’ve offered a way to get notified when a chaser goes live. Today, we’ve added the ability to get push notifications right from your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser using web push notifications! Opting in is easy, here’s how!

When you visit Tornado Channel in Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you’ll see an opt-in banner like in this image. Click Allow and that’s it! You’ll receive a notification like this one below. We’ll send 1 notification per day per chaser. So if 3 chasers go live on a day, you’ll get 3 separate notifications. Click on the notification to open their stream!

You do not have to keep TornadoChannel.com open in a tab either! We’ll notify you as long as your browser is open!

The notifications only last for 3 hours, so if you’re offline and you miss a notification we won’t send it to your browser after 3 hours.

You can also opt-in on your mobile phone, too! Get push notifications right on your phone. If you wish for both mobile and desktop notifications you’ll need to opt in on BOTH the desktop and mobile browsers.

TornadoChannel.com web push notification message

Chrome push notification on desktop

TornadoChannel.com web push notification message on mobile phone

Chrome push notification on mobile phones

Unsubscribe anytime! If you find that the notifications are too much, you can unsubscribe. Here’s how:

  • Chrome: Go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings > Notifications > Manage Exceptions > Find TornadoChannel.com and click the X.
  • Firefox: Go to Options > Content menu > Notifications > Choose… > Select TornadoChannel.com and click Remove Site.
  • Safari: Go to Preferences > Notifications tab > Find TornadoChannel.com and you can disable notifications.
  • Mobile phones: each phone varies, check in the browser options for privacy and then search for notifications.

Note about iPhone browser push: At time of writing, the iPhone web browser push notifications do not work. This is because Apple has not programmed it into their iOS yet. We are all hoping that the iOS update in Q3/Q4 of 2017 will bring this ability!

If there are any features you think would be great for Tornado Channel, please contact us!

If you know a storm chaser who streams video online and would be great to be included on our map, please pass this information to them and have them apply to join!

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