Now supporting Facebook Live Video! now supports Facebook Live Video Coming right on the heels of supporting USTREAM, Tornado Channel now supports Facebook Live Video! This was a big one I wanted to implement, and I’m happy to say that as of today it’s ready!

If you or someone you know streams severe storms on Facebook Live Video, please tell them about us! We’d love to have them on the map which also would generate more of an audience to their stream!

Edit 5/28/2017: Facebook Live Video embedding only works if you have a Like Page which you will stream from. I have a ticket open with Facebook to try and resolve why it is not working from user profile pages.

One advantage to using Facebook Live Video is that it seems it works better in congested areas. The thought is that Facebook scales back the quality of the video depending on available cellular network data coverage. The result is when other streams drop out, Facebook’s keeps going. This isn’t proven, but it’s a theory that may hold true!

In addition to that, with the recent changes in the YouTube monetization terms of service, quite a few storm chasers are migrating to Facebook Live Video. Today those streams can now be included on our map!

Joining Tornado Channel and having your stream embedded on our site will help grow your audience and be a more interactive experience for your viewers by seeing your location on the map as well as plenty of weather data!

This is another streaming option for those who want to stream and be on the map, but not streaming with YouTube! I plan to add more streaming services soon!

If there are any features you think would be great for Tornado Channel, please contact us!

If you know a storm chaser who streams video online and would be great to be included on our map, please pass this information to them and have them apply to join!

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