Getting the most out of Tornado Channel Logo Tornado Channel was designed to be as simple to use as possible. The focus is on the storm chasers, their video streams and chatting. However, there’s a lot going on under the hood of Tornado Channel! It can be a lot to explain all at once, so here’s a list of tips to help you get the most out of the site!

  • You don’t need to refresh! Chaser positions and weather data (radar, watches, warnings, etc.) get updated automatically every 5 minutes.
  • Map Options: More weather layers! Use the Map Options to turn on and off extra weather data on the map.
  • Multiple streams and chat: You can open multiple video windows, and multiple chat windows.
  • Resize and movable: You can resize and move the video and chat windows to fit your screen better.
  • Auto zoom in: Click the magnifying glass next to a chaser’s name to zoom into their location.
  • Dark map: There is a custom dark map available. Great for large screens or low light situations.
  • General chat: No storm chasers on? The General Chat is available for chatting.
  • Sign up for notifications so you know when storm chasers are actively streaming.
  • Twitter: Follow us on Twitter @TorChannelTV to be kept up to date on chaser activity and site updates!
  • Mobile ready: Tornado Channel is mobile ready! You can use your mobile phone or tablet to watch the streams and see the map.

This covers the majority of the items right now. As more get added, I’ll be sure to keep this list updated!

If there are any features you think would be great for Tornado Channel, please contact us!

If you know a storm chaser who streams video online and would be great to be included on our map, please pass this information to them and have them apply to join!

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