Changes to General Chat General Chat Chaser List Each chaser gets their own individual chat which they can see and use during their chase. We also have a General Chat and today I’ve made a change to Tornado Channel’s chat setup.

Edit May 22, 2017: We’ve moved the General Chat away from disqus and to chatango. It’s like a chatroom, registration is free and simple to join.

Note: Most chasers do not check the General Chat when they are chasing. When a chaser is on, please use their individual chat found by clicking “Chat” underneath their video. This will open a new window with thier chat.

The General Chat is meant to be used for off-topic and other general chat.

If there are any features you think would be great for Tornado Channel, please contact us!

If you know a storm chaser who streams video online and would be great to be included on our map, please pass this information to them and have them apply to join!

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