New Map Markers! Custom Map Storm Chaser Markers When I was creating the website, I was getting myself familiar with the various methods to get information about storm chasers. One method is using Spotter Network. They have a great API which has the chaser position, but also their direction of travel. So I had it on my to-do list to utilize that direction field and show it on the map. The idea was to use the map marker to show a little arrow in the direction the chaser is traveling.

I worked with Collette, who is a graphic designer, to create the map markers and I think they came out great! She did a great job, listented to my idea (in probably more detail than I needed to give) and she was quick to provide updated markers when I asked for some minor changes.

This is another example of where your donations go - directly to help improve the site! So thank you again for all your donations!

If you guys need any artwork or graphic design work, reach out to Collette!

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