More Map Weather Data Options! Map Options The Map Options control panel allows you to select the weather information you want to see on the map. From NEXRAD Radar, NWS Watches and Warnings, to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) Day 1 and Day 2 convective outlooks. There’s even the SPC Mesoscale Discussion overlay so you can see where future storms will appear.

You can open the map 2 ways. 1 by clicking the Map Options button that is on the map itself, and the other is to click the Map Options next to the Active Chasers link in the side panel. They both open the same options control panel.

All of the map’s overlay data is all updated every 5 minutes and refreshes on the map automatically without you having to reload the website! If you have a layer open and the background update happens, it will get updated automatically on your map!

If a map layer is activated, the button will be green. If the button is gray, then the layer is not activated. In this screenshot in this post, only the Radar is activated.

If there are any features you think would be great for Tornado Channel, please contact us!

If you know a storm chaser who streams video online and would be great to be included on our map, please pass this information to them and have them apply to join!

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