Your Donations Really Help! Thank You For Your Donation I’m not sure if it gets said enough, but I wanted to thank all of you who have donated to! To date, over 150 hours of development, and 2 full servers are what is made of. The donations really show me that you guys enjoy what’s been built. It keeps me motivated to keep adding features and making this the best platform it can be.

The donations also help with the cost of hosting. The 2 full servers we use run various scripts and functions to keep the chasers on the map, their GPS positions updated and the live weather data updated in the background.

I also wanted to keep as clean as it can be, and ads clutter the site which isn’t something I wanted to do. Your donations also help keep the site ad-free! isn’t just me - it’s all of us. If you have features you’d like to see added, you can let me know and I’ll try and get them added!

This post is to just give you a little background on where those donations go and how much I appreciate the support! Thank you!

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